Third, The investment market is covered with trustworthy mentor(s) which act as a lesson to everyone. The unfortunate situations that investors have encountered in recent years, including inadequate transparency and creative accounting, have placed a dark cloud over all fundamental analysis. This is discouraging to those who take this business seriously because activities of this type do not represent typical corporate culture or behavior. If the story and the numbers appear “too good to be true” – extreme care won’t be relinquished.

Last, as MMM & ForexSurvivor activities are engaged not only in financial consultancy but also in investment partnerships projects and trader, we help portraying broadly the “reality” to our prospects regarding the risk management and the development of their projects till success is achieved at the maturity date, allowing flexibility under the term of grace period.

Corporate Profile


The advent of the computer has radically revolutionized trading, just as it has every facet of our lives. The development of the Internet in recent years has created an excellent way for prospective clients in the name of investors to become tuned in to the company’s current operations and its prospects, where details and information, as well as office candor, are very valuable. To conquer the development of the world, Money Maker Management MMM & ForexSurvivor were merged to accomplish a challenging task for the investment industry, processed under four stages.

Unlike the economic recessions from time to time since World War II, the downturn that began in 2008 has been global and monumental. Indeed, a full recovery will take time. Yet, despite the many problems that still linger, there are great opportunities for businesses and investors in the worldwide arena. In fact, there are many reasons investors can be optimistic about the years ahead. The ongoing integration of global financial  markets will be taking investors far beyond the canyons. 


First, by creating unique networking strategy, focusing on passive versus active lead generation, tapping hundreds of investments firms with similar interests, creating numerous qualifications techniques filtering out weaknesses, screening unprecedented contacts and other methods that compel the nature of success, we found out that experience, long channel complicated procedures, and large lead base are conspicuous and essential in order to completely avoid toughness in prosperity structure.


Second, the unique relationship that is developed between MMM & ForexSurvivor and the thousands of professionals and high ranking authorities, let generate a closed mutual-benefit circle engaging careerists in avoiding typical learning curves and falling into undesirable pitfalls.